Welcome to Alpine Chemical & Cleaning Supplies

  Alpine Chemical & Cleaning Supplies has been an industry leader in manufacturing top of the line, high quality, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals since we were founded in 1973. We are a Melbourne based wholesale supplier, delivering cleaning supplies to many of Australia's most recognizable names in the cleaning and hospitality industries by offering a wide range of organic and chemical cleaning supplies that suit the needs of any private, commercial or industrial use. At Alpine we manufacture high quality cleaning chemicals (Environmentally Safe in their vast majority) and supply some of the leading names in both the Cleaning Industry and the Hospitality Industry with a range of cleaning products of terrific quality and competitive price.

  We are a family-oriented business which ensures that every client receives the special attention they deserve and are looked after to ensure they’re always happy and satisfied. Great cleaning products, great savings, great customer service! 



What Makes Us Different

Alpine Chemical & Cleaning Supplies has developed longstanding and trustworthy relationships with our clients over the years, which has resulted from our concerted effort to build effective two-way partnerships that provide a platform for deeper understanding of client specific needs.  We are a family-oriented business in which our clients receive the special attention they deserve, offering them not only products but services in the form of industry advice and consultation. We are actively involved in not only supplying our clients with the products that meet the needs of their cleaning supplies, but in engaging and advising them about the benefits, tradeoffs, and disadvantages of using product ranges, allowing them to make informed decisions about their purchases.


We’re often asked what is the difference between us and other cleaning suppliers. And we always answer that here at Alpine we do not see ourselves as our clients’ suppliers – rather, we see ourselves as their partners.

So, what is the difference between a “supplier” and a “partner”?

A “supplier” looks after his own interests, often at the expense of his clients. A “partner” looks after both sides interest and makes sure neither one is ever left unhappy.



Environmental Policy 


We only have one planet. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s true. And we strongly believe it’s up to each and every one of us to do our part for the environment. For that matter, we strive to ensure almost all of our many cleaning chemicals are environmentally safe and/or biodegradable. In addition, we are now working with recycled garbage bags and recycled toilet paper and other paper goods.




At Alpine Chemical & Cleaning Supplies we put a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices, offering a range of organic cleaning supplies and advice on how best to use chemical supplies to minimize the damaging effect they can have on air, soil or water quality. Many of our cleaning chemicals are not only environmentally safer than other industry products, but they are also biodegradable.

This policy extends beyond the range of chemical cleaning supplies we offer to products like recycled garbage bags, bin liners, towels, paper towels and recycled toilet paper. 



Our Commitment to Our Clients

We are confident that our range of organic and chemical cleaning supplies will satisfy the needs for your business, regardless of whether you run a cleaning specialist business or you just require cleaning supplies for your office. We promise:


  •    Our products will always be of the highest quality.
  •    Our service will always be professional, friendly and efficient.
  •    Our prices will always be competitive.
  •    Our trading terms will always be tailored to satisfy your needs.
  •    Our deliveries will always be made as soon as possible.
  •    Our environment will always be looked out for.